BarCamp Saskatoon 2011

BarCamp Saskatoon is coming up, and I would like to see you there.

For those of you that haven’t been to BarCamp before, it’s an amazing un-conference. The goal of BarCamp Saskatoon is to bring together people who love technology to talk and to learn. There will be a number of sessions which are scheduled by the attendees at the start of the day. We would love to have everyone who attends help in some capacity, whether you blog about BarCamp, give a talk, or help set-up/tear-down, it’s a better day when you are involved.

There will be a bar and snacks, and downtown Saskatoon has no shortage of restaurants if you are looking for a more substantial meal.

The best part about BarCamp is that it’s FREE, though if you are feeling generous, there will be a donation jar at the jar to help cover the cost of the event expenses.

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